My no 1 Recommendation!!!

My no 1 Recommendation!!!

Activance hair stimulant

In a nutshell – want healthy hair, encourage growth, stop breakage

Main ingredient – Rhodanide

Cost $55 (yes that’s right only available from Australia.. sorry guys!!)

Usage – you need 10 sprays a day. Even if hair is dry extend your arm fully and mist it over.

The 500ml bottle will last you roughly 3 months

So when I first heard of activance I rolled my eyes as I thought it was yet another sales gimmick to make me run out buy a complete range of hair care products that I could add to my “this didn’t work shelf” in my bathroom (yes its packed) but to my surprise it really wasn’t!! yay!!
I found my brittle fine dull flat blonde hair started to become fuller within a week of using, after 3 weeks my hair had completely stopped breaking and was starting to feel soft and smooth, I honestly was amazed!! It took the full 2 months before I seen a difference with growth but it definitely helped..
I recommended to any of my clients with such complaints like mine above and they bought it in bulk and all had really positive experiences and all re bought!! It’s a hefty price tag and you do need to keep using it for the results to last!!

I score this product 9/10

This is one of my biggest recommendations!! I love love love it!!

Connie xo


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