So whenever I posted on Runways Facebook page last week and I asked what everyone would like to know.. everyone wants Big Hair!! Packed with volume that LASTS!!!! Ok I hear ya!! Now there’s a few rules when it comes to getting VaVaVoom!! I will go into the importance of these in detail later but for now, quickly here they are

  • Correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type!! Heavy products will weigh it down!
  • Always rinse your hair thoroughly so there is no product left
  • Layers!! A biggie!! To get volume to last you need shape in your hair!! If your hairs fine go for soft longer layers, if your hair is long and thick get lots of layers but not too short!!
  • Use a volumising spray/lotion or moose!! Today I chose Kevin Murphy Full Again – gives my hair great body with no stickiness or weight
  • Heat protection!! At all times ladies!! Today I choose cloud 9 magical spray

Time approx. 30min – my hair is fine allow 50 for longer thicker hair

I have put together an easy step by step that can be tackled by anyone!!


So after I washed my hair I detangled it thoroughly, I then started blasting my hair brushing with my paddle brush in the opposite direction! I started from side to side then I moved round and tipped my head upside down and blasted towards the floor. Using my paddle brush continuously, brushing the roots in the opposite direction forces them to sit up creating a mass of volume!!


I then choose my brush today for the most part I used ionic ceramic 80 and used 52 just at the back where I found it hard with such a big brush, I applied about a penny size of Kevin Murphy Full Again and about 6 sprays of Cloud 9 Magical Potion


I took a 2inch section just above my ear and I held the drier just above it and pulled down so the hair glided out the bottom, I repeated at the other side and then at the top I took it all forward! I only had 3 sections at the front to make things easy

At the back I mostly used the paddle brush as it’s very awkward to get right in there but I did take the smaller of my two brushes and curl forward!


I didn’t worry too much as my rollers are going to set my hair so its nice and bouncy, I am obsessed with rollers of all kinds. Earlier when I was planning this blog I had planned on using normal Velcro rollers (available at any chemist for about £2) but as I only got home at 10pm and I have opted for the cloud 9 the o ultimate set!! I have only used 8 rollers in my whole hair and it’s worked a treat,

The O works by using the latest technology it really is unbelievable, you set each individual roller into the pod and its ready in 4 seconds, they are not hot in your hands or your hair, the volume and hold they create is fantastic!! If you are a big hair girl and want it to last this is what you need!!!!

But if you are a roller virgin then start with velcros (follow the same sections iv used) and fall in love first these are a big investment!! But one you will never regret.

I parted my hair in a middle part and set one roller either side at the top and then one above each ear, I then set one at the crown and set 3 along the bottom pulling hair at each side and then one awkward little one at the very back.

I let the rollers cool fully which was about 10 min (if using velcros give it 30min) and then I simply rolled them out and worked it. haha only joking I personally feel a little dated with hair this big so I brushed it all through with my paddle brush (don’t panic you have set it so you wont flatten it by brushing it) its now silky smooth,

At the top just so it will hold I take a 2inch section at the crown and gently tease it and the same for each section either side of the part and I brush them back into place,


I finish off with a mist of orifluido shine spray and that’s me!! Ready for bed 😉

Hope this helps

Connie xxx


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