A complete must have this season.. these little beauties are everywhere, I have a small collection that I have and a couple that are for sale in runway.

I use these to dress the simplest of dresses or shirts up and they range in price from as little as £4,

I find in most situations its best to stick to a plain piece and add the necklace if you really want to make a statement with it, if your bold enough then go for a patterned piece..

Be creative with these and remember the bigger the better!!


a few pieces from my collection and at Runway


This Little Beauty was out of Primark for only £4


this gorgeous one is available at runway for only £12 great teamed with black or denim


this stunning one is from a new boutique in maghera opening soon!! love all the pieces melissa is stocking!! it was perfect for my event i wore it with a navy dress and it complimented it beautifully!!


This one was a gift from my lovely friend Janice, I’ve worn this one with black, it really catches the light!!


I really love this one! I think it might be my favourite and another cheapie!!


This is how i wore these on nights out!!

hope you like this post.. its a small investment to be made this season

love connie xxx


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