Nutri Color Crème

Do u absolutely love your hair walking out of the salon and then comes week 4/5/6 and your colour is dull/ faded or your hair just lacks life??? Well then why not try a 3 in 1 treatment!!

I have been in love with these treatments for a few years now! The colour boost they give is amazing!! They can turn a brassy blonde into that nice creamy blonde bombshell, a dull faded red into a vibrant statement!!!


1002 is a must have for blonde hair.. cleans the blonde really well and brightens it if its dull after a few weeks,

500 is the purple red it gives a new lease of life to red hair!! Really bright though so be careful!! These are the most popular we sell at runway

You must stick to the colour recommended by your hairstylist.. Always get a professional opinion before using this..


Use the measure indicator along the side to measure out, it will depend on thickness and length but average it should do 4-6 treatments so don’t use all at once!!


To use shampoo your hair as normal twice.. then rinse thoroghly then apply ¼ of the product (more if needed on thicker hair) and leave for 3 minutes then rinse

Your hair should feel silky and smooth and shiny!!!

This product does not contain ammonia or peroxide

A small tip – if your hair is a really vibrant red, copper or violet then shampoo your hair and dry off and apply the nutri color crème dry and leave on for 30min!! and enjoy the brightest hair ever!!!

Definitely get your hair stylist to recommend your color this does not suit everyone and cant be used to go from blonde to dark etc.

Enjoy a treatment and color boost all in one

love connie xx


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