All about the Brows!!!!

Third on my list is my Benefit Smokin Eyes Makeover Kit


I am a Brow Freak!! If I am in a rush it doesn’t matter if I’ve just woken up im 2hours late and I have to run a marathon I will firstly do my brows, then I will freak out! (yes ino im a hairdresser it should be all about hair) I just think brows completely define your face and If they aint right nothing else you apply that day will be either!! Now I wasn’t born with brows to kill so I have mine done every month with our resident makeup artist at Runway Miss Laura Brown, she gives them the tlc and overhaul they need! But since I haven’t been blessed by the angels and I was a tweezer happy schoolgirl I have gaps and ones longer than the other my list goes on.. so this benefit kit is perfect for me I usually just use it for the shader for the brows and the highlighter for just under the brow but if im heading out I go mad and use it all!! I love all of this kit as you can achieve the perfect smokey eye with no help from any other eyeshadow palettes or eye liners, this kit has it all.

Available online or any good department store

RRP £28.50

However if you just want a brow shader then try elf cosmetics, they have a little brow kit for £3.75 really brilliant and excellent value for money!!


My biggest tip when it comes to brows is to have them done professionally by someone who specialises in brows! These gurus are hard to come by, for anyone local try Laura at Runway.. Laura has designed her very own HD brow and includes several steps to achieve a fantastic arch! Call Runway 02879643399.

Love Connie


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