Uniq ONE

All in one hair treatment


So tonight I have decided to post about a product I use every day on lots of my clients! I find this product very versatile as I can use it on almost anyone and it has so many different uses!!

In a nutshell-

Its marketed as a 10 in 1 treatment,

1-repair for dry and damaged hair

2-shine and frizz control

3- heat protection

4-silkyness and smoothness

5- hair colour protection with UVA and UVB filters

6-easier brushing and ironing

7-incredible detangling

8-long lasting hairstyle

9-split ends protection

10- adds body

My verdict –

I love this product however I don’t find it’s entirely true that it has ten uses!! The detangling and easier brushing are practically the same thing and even the shine and frizz control and silkiness and smoothness could fall under the same category aswell!! But in saying that I do love it! I use it for giving the hair a lovely texture to work with and once its blowdried its silky smooth, it adds incredible shine and I do find it repairs the hair so a good leave in treatment, I also find though that its heavy!! Like really heavy, three mists of this is ample on medium thickness hair, two on fine and four on thicker or very long hair, this is a good thing you need very little so will last you ages!! Definitely a good investment weather you blowdry or wash and go! And the price tag makes it even more appealing!

Available in all good salons (Runway 02879643399)

RRP £14

Helpful tip

If you find that your hair feels sticky or heavy where the product has been applied then spray onto your hands and apply throughout instead of spraying directly onto hair. this will ensure it’s applied evenly..(This goes for all products)

Love Connie xxx


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