Well from the moment I seen the NEW CID stand in Belfast whilst I was at a trade show, I walked in the door and could not go past this stand!! I watched the makeup artist complete a full look in around 5 minutes!! I was hooked!!

I’m a busy mummy like many of you.. unlike Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian I do not have millions of pounds to employ my own makeup artist for every time I walk out the door (However if I win the euro millions I will employ Laura Brown MUA to move in with me) so when I seen this range I couldn’t go past it. Complete flawless looks in minutes and not a million products to achieve them!! Here’s my kind of makeup!!

In Runway as most of you know we didn’t take on a brand for over a year as we wanted to wait to we seen something we were truly passionate about! Something that little bit different and something we could retail that has wearable shades of colour, not trends! We wanted a brand of makeup that consisted of all your makeup bag favorites!! All your little must haves!! And for the most part I think NEW CID has it all!!


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