Juice Plus


So I’m going to start off by letting you know the method to my madness

2 years 9 months ago I became pregnant with my little boy! I was a little heavier than usual but nothing to write home about… During my pregnancy I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum. A condition which let to me losing a lot of weight in my early pregnancy.. being constantly sick and generally really down.

I didn’t really gain a lot of weight until month seven of my pregnancy and then it all went pear shaped- quite literally!!

But as soon as I had Rory I decided enough was enough and 2 weeks later I started a weight loss class near my house!

This spiralled out of control for the next year and a half due to being a busy mum with my own business and house. It all led to a routine of chippy food and round the clock snacking!

I had literally never felt worse in every way! My skin was patchy, my hair lifeless, I felt sleepy all the time, mood swings and I was at the heaviest I had ever been! I dreamt of being the size I was the last time I started a new weight loss regime! Every time I started one I became bigger after I yoyo’d off it!

So on August 1st last year I decided I needed to do something so iv been trying to eat cleaner, be a little more active, drink more water, and eat more fruit and veg!

I have thrown in the odd diet in-between to give a go but in all I have came to this conclusion!

Diets don’t work for me! I have currently lost 22lb from august last year and yes I have been stuck on the odd number here and there but I haven’t gained it all back! I know now this is a lifestyle change! It took me 2 ½ years to put this weight on and it might take me 2 ½ years to get it off!! But i will get there!!


This is where juice plus comes in! During my researching of every do and don’t when it comes to healthy eating iv found no matter what I don’t eat enough fruit and veg.. I find myself still tired and find my digestive system not great. A few of my friends introduced me to Juice Plus, telling me its 26 whole raw fruits, vegetables and berries with water, salt and sugar removed and put in a gelatin capsule! Something to add to my new lifestyle change and I haven’t looked back!

I have been offered and tried every weight loss aid out there and im NOT saying they don’t work! These companies are globally known because they do work but they just didn’t work for me! When I read up about Juice Plus I felt it was much more in sync for what I want to achieve which is not only to lose weight but a healthy lifestyle and become a healthy role model for my son!

I purchased the fruit and veg and have now after being on these I have ordered the berries aswell! Rory is also on the children’s chewables! I have noticed Rory has a rash on his face and although not completely clear it’s not as irritated! I wanted to get Rory onto this as he’s very anemic and I feel its essential to try and get him something natural and organic as near the real thing as can be! As im sure you all know little two year olds just don’t love leafy greens and broccoli!

I am excited to see where this takes my family! Seeing the endless benefits this product creates the skies the limit!

Keep unto date for all my progress any tips i have etc on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Juice-Plus-Runway

The range has a few different products including the capsules i have reviewed above and the complete shakes! I will review the shakes in a separate blog in a few weeks

Love Connie xxx


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